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Orange Homes Malta is a boutique real estate agency with the customer interest at core of all its day to day operations.  Dedication together with passion and hard work give us our character.  We strive to find homes and commercial spaces that fit customer requirements.  Hard selling is not our game.  Our database is very selective and we always ask the question ‘Would we buy / rent it ourselves?’

– If the answer to the latter question is ‘yes’ then the property will be added to our database.

What sets us apart is the focus on the customer. All our efforts are customer-centric. We listen, ask questions and strive to find the best fit to our customers’ requirements.

Our core values are:

  • we listen and act on client’s brief
  • we are selective on the properties we add to our database
  • quality over quantity
  • customer satisfaction before anything else

Mission Statement

To strive to find the best fit to one’s real estate requirements.